karma / returning force; destiny.

change is inevitable; good prevails.

Long ago, harmony and unison bound the vast lands of the Sky and the Surface.

The creatures that housed these lands lived as one, each place held in prosperity by their respective leaders; the Sky ruled by the Divine, the Surface by the Magick Order.

The two worlds existed separately and thrived off of each other's distant presence; without darkness, as they say, there would be no light, and without disorder, no balance.

Regardless of this seemingly perfect harmony, however, sin lingered in the hearts of many; envy, greed, and lust for power.

After centuries of peace, happiness, wealth and prosperity, a war began; a war that would bring the balance between the two great lands to a terrible end.

The war began with a rebellion; a revolution of sorts, to take down the Magick Order. This rebellion stemmed from the jealousy of the Magick Order's noble-ranked; the envy these high-standing witches felt towards the King and Queen.

Soon, the path towards the end of the Magick Order began to run its course. The noble witches persuaded their lower-standing servants and other allies across the Surface-land to do as they asked, particularly by offering a lifetime of riches and, though this was not true, their seat on the throne of the Magick Order. The servants and noble allies concurred, for their hearts were stained with jealousy and greed towards the Royal Family, too. The group made their way into one of many parties that took place at the Order's Palace, and assassinated the King and Queen themselves. Then, with the blood of the monarchy staining their hands, they pulled the torches from the walls and burnt the palace to the ground.

The death of the King and Queen shattered the Magick Order, and brought chaos upon the Surface-land. The nobles' treacherous act brought great satisfaction to some, as intended, however those in the Land of the Sky were not so pleased. In an effort to avenge their fallen allies, the Divine banished the nobles and their correspondents to an eternity of suffering, damning them to the confinement of total mortality, keeping their power and magic tools locked far away in a vault in the Land of the Sky. To punish those who disagreed with them, and felt deep down that the death of the kind King and Queen would give them some sort of advantage in their own lives, the Divine closed themselves off from the Surface-land entirely.

Little did the Divine know, however, that the three young children of the King and Queen had escaped on the night of their parents' demise.

The eldest brother took the hands of his siblings and fled the palace, running to the far ends of the Surface-land to escape the wrath of the nobles.

With time, the young witches soon found themselves in the biggest city in the Surface-land, Renmei Central. After the crumbling of the Order, the distraught people of the Surface crowded in the near center of the world, and vowed to piece together an unbreakable bond in the form of a capital city. "The Magick Order has fallen, and the Surface-land will never be the same," the people said, "The time to grow and learn to live without guidance is now."

With the young witches' realization of inevitable change came their discovery of karma, too; the idea that good things come to those who are good, and bad things come to those who are bad. It was then that they understood what they had to do, for their world to live on and prosper.

And so, our story begins.